Just Around the Corner - Urban gardeners making a difference in Rochester, N.Y.

At first glance, you might not immediately see anything growing around Rochester, N.Y., except empty lots where houses once stood and corner stores with bars on every window. This may not be surprising when considered in conjunction with the statistics provided in the 2015 Update to the Poverty Report which states that the Rochester’s poverty rate is nearly 33% and that “Rochester has the highest rate of extreme poverty of any comparably sized city in the United States.”

However, imagine slowing down a bit and taking a much closer look. Just around the corner you will likely find a garden or two or more in some unlikely spot. In one of those hidden gardens you may find some wonderful people.

For the story of three urban gardeners in Rochester, please visit Just Around the Corner (click here to visit the website).

This story was the 2nd Place Winner for Multimedia in the 15th Annual "What We Do" Photojournalism Competition of 2016 judged by Ken Geiger, National Geographic Deputy Director of Photography, and Ben Garvin, Emmy Award Winning Multi-media Photojournalist, KARE11 News.